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We are a leading independent loan servicer in Europe and provide lifecycle loan administration and support services to a wide range of lenders.

We support lenders with:

  • Loan underwriting and portfolio management
  • Loan administration, associated cash management and covenant monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Delinquency and default management
  • Recovery and loan workout

Our core services include:

Primary and special servicing

We provide primary and special servicing for a range of financial service organisations, including building societies, specialist lenders, private equity firms and hedge funds. We have experience across a range of assets including leisure, commercial,industrial, office, retail and residential properties across 15 European jurisdictions.

We manage performing and non-performing commercial and residential real estate loans, with an emphasis on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our end-to-end solutions help our clients to streamline operations and manage cost effectively.

The quality of our services has resulted in us being one of the highest rated European loan servicers.

Master servicing

As master servicer, our team will take responsibility for the oversight and management of all aspects of portfolio administration for performing loans, primarily commercial mortgage-backed security loans (CMBS).

The range of activities we deliver include:

  • Portfolio oversight including management and administration
  • Control of cash, data and critical portfolio reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Bank account management
  • Servicer oversight.

Master servicing can substantially mitigate operational risk associated with the failure of a loan servicer or loan administrator to fulfil its functions due to insolvency or other incapacity. It also provides investors, lenders and portfolio owners with independent oversight of their loanservicers/administrators through the capture, custody, control and reporting of portfolio data and cash.

We were appointed master servicer on a range of commercial and residential loan portfolios across Europe and for the Irish National Asset Management Agency portfolio of €68bn of real estate loans acquired from Irish financial institutions in 2009.

Why choose us?

We offer a complete end-to-end solution, helping our clients to streamline operations and manage costs effectively and our independent status helps us to minimise conflicts of interest.

We have a large team of experienced asset managers to deliver high quality primary and special loan services across the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our front line teams are supported by a strong risk, compliance, HR, business support, IT, legal and accounting framework, to ensure consistent high calibre service delivery.

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Bryan O'Connor
Head of Business Development (Banking & Debt solutions) Ireland

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Alan Dalton
Business Development Manager(Banking & Debt solutions) Ireland

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Capita Analytics

We also offer our clients specialist analytics and risk management solutions via the team at Capita Analytics (also referred to as Euristix), for more information visit

Fitch rating


November 2016 Assessment:

  • CMS1-  Master Servicer
  • CPS1-  Primary Servicer
  • CSS2+ Special Servicer
  • RPS2+ Resi Primary Servicer
  • RSS2   Resi Special Servicer

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S & P rating - Ireland

Above average – Primary, Special and Master Servicer

S & P rating - UK

Above Average – Primary and Special Servicer

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